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Hikkaduwa - the ideal place for a relaxed holiday

Most foreigners who own houses settled in Hikkaduwa. The infrastructure is perfectly adjusted to the needs of the western residents. In Hikkaduwa you can get everything you need for a comfortable life - "local" and "western" food, a wide selection of restaurants, shops, taxi, tour operators and much more.
Many people speak English.

Thiramagama - the best part of Hikkaduwa

Thiranagama is the part of Hikkaduwa where you find the best places. It's not crowded or "touristy", there is only little traffic - and still it's only a few meter off the popular beaches and restaurants.


Sri Lanka

A wonderful country for holiday making! Maybe you don't want to stay home in your perfect villa and enjoy yourselves and the pool every day of your vacation.

Galle - half an hour by car

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Colombo - a day trip

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Kandy and the hill country - 3 - 4 nights

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Yala National Park - one night

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Hikkaduwa - Galle - Sri Lanka

This is the beach that is closest to the villa (next to Sunil's Beach Hotel)


A bit north: beginning of Narigama Beach