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Quality of life

It' absolutely quiet and private. No traffic noise, no disco, no noisy guests - no other guests at all. Nobody can peep to the property. Enjoy a 120 m² (= 1,300 sqft) house in a 1,000 m² garden.

The pool

15 m long infinity pool facing west (= sunset!). Illuminated in the evenings.


The beach

From the villas it's 900 m to the spectacular beach. Just use the bicycle that's provided free! Or call a tuk-tuk taxi with your local cell phone SIM card (provided free).

Garden and pavillions

Coconut palms, Bougainvilla, flowers of all colors, spices. Two garden pavillions to have lunch and dinner outside. You look through the coconut palms of the neighbouring plantation to the ocean and the sunset.

The house

The "Specials"

Good to know



The House

That's how you access the house


Attached bathroom

Living room

Facing the pool (=west)

One of two kitchens

You can access a sunset platform on the top of the house

From here you have a very nice sea view (sorry, not with the weather of the day the pictures were taken ;-))

This is a bit excentric: a whirlpool on the roof! With bubbles and lighting


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